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Cyber Security

Back View in the System Control Center O

Network Security Solution Platform

Our Core Technologies

  • Data & App Security

  • Network Security

  • Security Operation & Response

  • User Security

  • Infrastructure Security

  • Policy & Compliance Management

Zoietec Solutions is a leading Systems Integrator that provides next-generation innovative solutions & services to help your organization to gain complete VISIBILITY-CONTROL-MANAGEMENT and to help you secure tomorrow's threats today.
Our frameworks are designed based on industry best practices such as the NIST, ISO & other local regulatory compliance mandates which can either help you to quickly gain Compliance & Certification during the implementation of the Cyber Security Framework.

Zoietec has been delivering integration projects with impressive results and testimonies. We live and breath IT integration, so clients who work with us will have access to experts in this specialist field of Cyber Security. Our expert IT integration services include consulting, development, delivery, support and resourcing. Our consultants have experience of open-source and best-of-breed technologies.

We are proud to be the only Cyber Security Systems Integrators that can implement & deliver a fully automated Cyber Security Operations

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